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May 10, 2021

In 2019-2020, I returned to my older models in MSFS and began trying to convert them to X-Plane. You can see some information, pictures and videos, for example, here:

Models for X-Plane
I had the first published model for a flight simulator in 2000. So I had a little anniversary :-)
Only with such a 15-year break ...
I composed such a memorial plaque from the model thumbnails:

MLK model preview
March 25, 2003
New terrain textures for FS2002 & CFS2
These textures were designed for the Czech Republic but they work fine also for whole Europe. Textures are derived from MS Combat Flight Simulator 1 and from FS2000. This archive contains only summer version, which will replace default textures in FS2002 or CFS2.
April 5, 2002
New version of Avia B-534 for CFS2 with fixed bugs. You can download also 7 new camouflages for Czechoslovakia, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Germany. There is also new smoke exhaust effect for Avia in CFS2.
March 17, 2002
Avia B-534 IV.series for FS2002 & CFS2. Model features 7 multiresolution sub-models with different comlexity for optimal graphic speed, detailed 3D virtual cockpit with working gauges and with moving controls. Archive includes update for CFS2 with DP file and with authentic 10kg bombs.
January 5, 2002
I released an update for Z142C AF for FS2002 with some fixed bugs and several additions. You can also download new authentic sound for Zlin created by Tibor Kokai.
December 16, 2001
This model was in development for longer time period. Now you can finally try Z142C AF in Czech Air Force colors. I prepared 3 versions - for FS98, FS2000 and FS2002. Version for FS2002 specially includes dynamic 3D virtual cockpit with working gauges. Here you can download it: Z142C AF for FS98/2000/2002
Which version of MS FS or CFS are you flying now? Vote here.
December 11, 2001
New 3D model for L29 isn't still finished ( here you can see development shots ), so I prepared for you at least the first version, which is compatible even with FS98. 
I tested it in FS200 / 2002 too, and for these FS version I prepared special CFG files ( flight model, smoke and lights efects ). 
Download it here: L29 ver.1 for FS98/2000/202
December 6, 2001
If you have FS2002 Professional version, you can try to model an aircraft or scenery object in Gmax
I created for you a basic tutorial for texturing in Gmax.
Here is a useful site about Gmax, where you can find tutorials, tips, plugins and forums.
October 2, 2001
I posted latest development shots of my L29 Delfin and L159 ALCA,
you can also vote in new poll about MSFS planes.
September 6, 2001
I finally found some time and finished some of my older projects. Now you can download Zlin Z-142 and Zlin Z-43.
These versions are still compatible with FS98 and include updated textures for FS2000. In the future I plan to release improved versions for FS2000/2002.
August 20, 2001
L13SW Vivat for FS98. Vivat is Czechoslovak all-metal two-place motorglider developed from popular glider L13 Blanik. This is a final version for FS98, while for FS2000 is it a kind of betaversion before improved and more detailed version.
May 5, 2001
I have finished another 2 version of L39 Albatros for FS98/2000.  Main news in this version are new 2D panel and improved flight dynamics. Version 2.0 is in the development.
January 13, 2001
ID4 City Destroyers - scenery with extra-terrestrial ships from the movie "Independence Day" for MS Flight Simulator 98/2000 and CFS/CFS2
Let L13 Blanik - new FS2000 version of this Czech glider.
Two new metallic color schemes for P-38 Lightning for MS CFS2
December 8, 2000
MS FS2000: terrain textures swap / replacement & new special summer textures developed from MS CFS
F/A-18 Korea: another my terrain textures ( snowy mountain, snowy plain) are converted for MAC OpenGL now - thanks to Basil Greber from Swissflight
October 17, 2000
MS FS98/2000: new aircraft: Aero L39 Albatros
September 15, 2000
Flanker 2.0:  improved terrain textures.
MS FS98/2000: new aircraft: Zlin Z-50, development shots L39, L13SV
CIAF2000: Pictures from CIAF2000 - Czech International Air Fest
June 4, 2000
F/A-18 Korea: Europe II - four seasons - now also for MAC OpenGL
Jane's F/A-18:new high resolution skin textures for Superhornet
MS FS:  new aircraft models: Let L13 Blanik and L23 Superblanik
April 30, 2000
Jane's USAF: Czech Air Force color schemes for aircraft & new trees
April 15, 2000
F/A-18 Korea: Europe II - four seasons
April 11, 2000
MS FS98/CFS: ID4 Alien Attacker - extra-terrestrial fighter/attacker from the movie "Independence day"
January 6, 2000
F/A18 Korea: Dark gray color schemes for Hornet, 
Czech Air Force & multinational markings
Flanker 2.0: Four new skins for Su-27 & one for MiG-29, 
Czech Air Force & multinational markings
Falcon 4.0: Dark gray color schemes for F-16 Czech Air Force,
based on L-159 and MiG-23 "Tiger" scheme
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